Hi! I'm Carla

Before starting Awaken Harmony, I worked as an Investment Advisor.  Had you met me back then, you would have thought everything was great!  I had a successful career, and everything appeared to be going my way.  On the outside, that was true.  Unfortunately, on the inside, nothing could be further from the truth.  I was suffering from severe burnout, high levels of stress and anxiety, I was in a negative place, my personal relationships were suffering, and I just felt like I was suffocating in my own life.

Sound familiar?

I was craving something to heal my body and soul, I was searching for help, I wanted to feel like I was living, and not just existing, but I didn’t know-how.

This is when my journey of self-discovery, spiritual healing, and personal growth began.

It started with Reiki, and I was amazed at how much this simple practice helped me find balance within my mind, body, and soul. For the first time in decades, I was able to find peace and happiness. I laughed more, I was physically healthier, and my mind was finally freed from the stress, anxiety, and tension that had bogged it down for so many years.

My transformation was so profound and freeing, I knew I had to learn more so I can help others who struggled with the same problems.  This led me to become a Reiki Master, but I didn’t stop there. 

I am a Certified Trainer & Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Life and Success Coaching, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), T.I.M.E Techniques, Hypnosis, Reiki & Crystal Healing.    I have also obtained certifications in Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) and TRE Provider (Tension, & Trauma Release Exercise), and I co-authored an Amazon Best Seller book “You Have So Much Potential” & “Resilience Despite Rigor”.  I’ve learned to participate in this world as a light giver – and it’s the most rewarding and gratifying role I’ve ever filled.

If you’re feeling lost or in a dark place, please reach out!  There are so many tools we have at our disposal to release the negativity and help you find the peace and happiness you’ve been searching for.

Learn more about all the services I provide here.

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