PEMF Therapy

brilliant technology as integrated medicine is the future of medicine.

Nicola Tesla has been proclaimed as one of the most brilliant minds to ever live.  His inventions and technologies are so intricately woven into our daily lives that we don’t realize just how much influence he has had on modern society. From the electric car to wireless networks Tesla is renowned for many great advancements to our current civilization. 


One of Tesla’s discoveries is that all things have an electromagnetic frequency field or EMF for short.  Some EMFs are healing while others can be harmful to human cells.  

Seqex is the first Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy device that implements Ion Cyclotronic Resonance-like therapy to be licensed by Health Canada as a Class II Medical Device.  

WHY Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy device?

The use of this brilliant technology as integrated medicine is the future of medicine. This is especially important in light of the exposure to environmental toxins and high frequencies that we face in today’s environment such as microwaves or wireless signals.

Some medical experts and EMF scientists have associated this oversaturation of frequencies with the increase in illness and disease.  Integrating this revolutionary device with more traditional therapeutic modalities is an ideal way to improve your health.  Awaken Harmony is excited to bring you this tool to help you on your journey to optimal well being. 

The Benefits of PEMF Therapy includes

Alleviate pain and reduce inflammation

✓ Relieve injury and promote healing

✓ Increase Circulation

✓ Improve Performance and muscle tone

✓ Stimulates Immune System

✓ Improve Energy and Stamina

✓ Help with Depression and Anxiety

✓ Healthy Weight loss

✓ Promotes natural process of cell regeneration