Private Yoga

Enjoy the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of Yoga without having to join a large class.

You’ve probably heard all about the benefit of Yoga, but we get it… It can be a little intimidating to show up at a large class, surrounded by people you don’t know.  If you’re looking for a more intimate and private setting to learn and practice Yoga, we can help.


With private yoga sessions, we focus on you, your abilities, and your goals. We work at your pace and you’re never left looking around, wondering what to do or how to do it.  I will guide you through every pose, movement, and sequence as we take time to discuss and adapt poses for any injury or discomfort you may have.


With Awaken Harmony Yoga classes, we’re all about giving you a confidential environment to practice yoga and truly enjoy the potential benefits.

Consider our private yoga sessions if:

✓ You want to have a strong yoga foundation

✓ You want to receive hands-on adjustments and personalized guidance designed for your individual needs

✓ You want to develop meditation practices to do at home

✓ You want to focus on and easily achieve personal goals, such as balance, stamina, etc.

✓ You need special attention as a result of health issues, such as arthritis, depression, or injuries

✓ You want to increase your workers’ attention and presence with yoga.

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Yoga for the workplace

Have you considered offering Yoga as a benefit for your employees?

 Most people in the corporate and academic world are dealing with extreme amounts of stress and tension from their workload. Yoga is an excellent tool to help your employees:

✓ Reduce mental, emotional, and physical stress and tension

✓ Strengthen the immune system and reduce illness-related absences

✓ Reduce mental, emotional, and physical fatigue

✓ Reduce the risk of depression and burnout

✓ Reduce the negative health side effects related to sitting behind a desk all day.

✓ Improve focus, concentration, and brain efficiency

✓Create a sense of community and team building, resulting in lower staff turnover

✓ Make the workplace more attractive to current and prospective employees.