Reiki & Crystal Healing Certification

Imagine being able to heal yourself, family or friends

In this age where most people face stress, anxiety, and pain from various situations like work, illness, trauma, and others, Reiki and crystal healing have proven to be magical healing therapy that brings wholeness to the mind, body, and soul. Reiki and crystal healing are energy therapies that treat emotional, spiritual, and physical imbalances.


Humans respond to colour, light, and energy frequencies. Crystal healing combines all of this to reflect over and heal a person's energy. Crystal healing is a powerful, yet subtle therapy that works on all levels of the human entity-body, mind, and spirit. It can be specialized for an individual's specific illness. Reiki also touches the mind, body, and soul to help an individual relax, feel at ease, and improve overall well-being.


The earth is full of crystal grids with amazing healing secrets. When you awaken your soul to the crystalline consciousness of the earth, you will feel wisdom, healing, and light within you. Crystals are used to cure and protect against ailments and diseases, hence, used as a conduit for healing and allowing the influx of positive energy into an individual’s life.


You can uncover your healing power with Reiki and crystal healing certification with Carla. This course takes you on a journey of self-discovery and self-healing. After all, you can't know how great energy healing is if you haven't experienced the powers. The Reiki and crystal healing course helps you to explore the levels of Reiki, crystal intelligence, and how they are synchronized with chakras for healing.

The world needs more people to learn about these energy healing therapies.

Imagine being able to heal yourself, family or friends. It will only make our society a happy and energy busting place to live in. Whether you want to heal yourself,  heal your family and friends, or add the Reiki and crystal healing to your existing health care knowledge, Carla has developed Reiki and crystal healing certification that can make this come true.

Although there are many energy healing courses online, you need a master that is invested in your learning process like Carla. Carla uses the finest and easy-to-understand techniques to ensure her students find their calling in Reiki and crystal healing easily and effortlessly. Students learn about the healing power of Reiki and crystals. They are provided with all the necessary knowledge to help begin a career in this field. This certification is ideal for medical students, therapists, and everyone who wants to enjoy energy healing, as well as heal others with this knowledge. 

The courses are in three levels and certificates are issued for each level completed. Join our growing community today to awaken your true healing potential.

Who can benefit most from learning Reiki?

✓ Life coaches whose work is to guide people to personal growth, clarity, behavioral modification, and the likes can benefit from learning Reiki and crystal healing. A deeper knowledge and understanding of energy therapy can help them to be excellent and outstanding at life coaching.

✓ Lightworkers who feel the calling to help and brighten other people’s lives by channeling light energy.

✓ Individuals in compassionate/ caregiving careers such as counselors, nurses, and doctors.

✓ Mothers can also benefit from learning energy healing to heal their children, especially those with special needs.

✓ People who deal with children- pediatricians or teachers who work with overcrowded classrooms.

✓ Massage therapists who want to take a step further from working on physical energy to healing holistic energy.

✓ Anyone working in a high-stress environment looking for self-healing techniques will benefit greatly from our Reiki & Crystal Healing course.


Level 1 of this course covers the principles, both old and new concepts, rules, and sequences of Reiki and Crystal healing. An attunement will be performed on each student to tune them with the energy to perform and learn energy healing. Attunement is a practice that connects an individual to the healing energy. At the end of this course, students will receive a certificate of learning.

Exercises and techniques to be covered in Level 1 include;

  • The History and current situation of Reiki and
  • Ethics and guidelines of practice
  • The principles and precepts of Reiki
  • Basics of crystal healing- encoding, cleansing, activating the inner guide
  • Discovering basic energy centers- The Chakra Energy System and Endocrine System
  • How to use your hands in feeling and transmitting life force energy – The hand positions.
  • How to give a complete treatment- Self, chair and table treatment
  • Hygiene and energy cleaning/ protection of the hands.
  • The Discovery and History of Crystal power
  • The principles of crystal healing
  • Encoding the 7 basic crystal vibration- the smoky quartz, carnelian, citrine, rose quartz, chalcedony, amethyst, and clear quartz. This encoding is done at the cellular level, meaning you don’t hold the Crystal’s in your hand. You rather invoke the energy of the crystal through your hands and transmit it to yourself or others.
  • Choosing and learning crystals
  • Crystal healing with mental energy
  • Basic energy (aura) check-up using a specific clear quartz crystal
  • Learning to create a heart sanctuary for meditation
  • Activating the inner guide
  • Extensive manual with illustrations to guide you through a level 1 energy healing

What you can do with Level 1 Reiki and crystal healing

Level 1 may be basic, but you can do quite a lot with it. Upon completion of our Reiki & Crystal Healing Certification – Level 1, students should be able to do the following;

  • Self-healing and healing others

Level 1 covers learning to practice Reiki and crystal healing on yourself and others. In the end, you should be able to conduct self-healing and also work on others. You should also be able to identify the 7 basic crystals and the region each is used for (the course covers the detail).



  • Cleanse your environment

Apply Reiki and Crystal healing energy to cleanse and bring light to your surrounding. Connect to Reiki using your hands and apply to your walls, ceiling, corners, the floor of your room.

Cleanse and remove bad energy from objects, food, animal, and anything. You can apply Reiki and crystal energy to anything you want.


This course is for someone who has passed through level 1 with a basic knowledge of Reiki and crystal practice. Level 2 goes further to develop your intuitive healing abilities and broaden your Reiki and energy healing knowledge. You will become familiar and sensitive to subtle energies working on the different areas of the body. You will become comfortable with channeling and working on energy. Level 2 opens you up to new possibilities and insights on your Reiki and crystal healing journey.

Exercises and techniques to be covered in Level 2 include;

  • Attunement
  • Introduction and uses of the three Reiki symbols- Cho-Ku-Rei, Sei-He-Ki, Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen
  • Scanning the energy field and chakra balancing
  • Breathing exercises to increase and hold life force and how to direct it
  • Distance healing with Reiki and Crystal healing
  • Massage table practice
  • Healing with your heart & Healing with your eyes
  • Encoding the vibration of eight crystal and gemstone, including ruby, emerald, celestine, sapphire, dioptase, lapis lazuli, and moldavite.
  • Self-healing crystal wand
  • Programming Crystals
  • Creating the first self-healing crystal wand
  • Level 2 hand positions
  • Reiki for animals
  • Extensive manual with illustrations to guide you through a level 2 energy healing.

What you can do with Level 2 Reiki and crystal healing

People have various reasons for proceeding to Level 2 Reiki and Crystal Healing. Whatever your reason is, you can become a practitioner upon completion of Level 2. You will be able to use the great Usui symbols. You will also be able to call, use, and direct the energy of 3 major Reiki symbols- the power, the mental, and the distant symbol.

So, whether you want to advance to level 2 for additional knowledge or to operate a business, our Reiki & Crystal Healing Certification – Level 2 is great for you.


Level 3 and Master certification are combined into one weekend.  You learn two additional Usui symbols, advanced healing techniques, energy meridian, Spirit replacement, breathwork techniques, healing meditation, and how to teach Reiki and crystal healing to others, including how to perform Attunement for each level.

Level 3 focuses on individuals that are interested in personal healing and teaching. It fine-tunes your healing abilities and deepens your focus and connection. You will need to complete this level and get your certificate to become a Reiki Master.

Exercises and techniques to be covered in Level 3 include;

  • The complete Master Attunement and training on how to perform it for Level 1,2, and 3
  • The values and spiritual direction of a Reiki and crystal healing Master
  • Advanced energy healing techniques for emergency use only- Acceleration of time
  • The basic technique of the Master level
  • Attunement and understanding of four additional Usui symbols- two Usui Master Symbols and two Tibetan Master symbols.
  • Psychic surgery technique to remove negative psychic energy from yourself, others, and your surroundings.
  • Advanced techniques in developing mind concentration and consciousness
  • Chakra and colour healing
  • Practitioner manual
  • Aura cleaning
  • Reiki crystal grid
  • Healing with a crystal wand
  • Guided Imagery and Healing Meditation for self and others
  • Healing with a laser crystal
  • You will receive the recording from attunement and a copy of all the manuals used for each level.

What you can do with Level 3 Reiki and crystal healing

You receive a Master symbol when you get a Level 3 certification. You now have the capacity to work on a spiritual level and to channel your Universal Energy, contact your own truth, as well as, heal, and train other people.

Level 3 is a place of self-mastery in which you no longer have to go with the waves but control the waves in your chosen direction. You are in charge of creating the life you desire through choices, intentions, actions, and thoughts. You become a powerful creator of the life you want and also help other people have the life they want.

It’s a level where you can serve the world with your abilities and talents while fulfilling your highest potential.

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Reiki & Crystal healing are powerful practices to integrate balance, harmony, and flow into our lives. Practicing the technique helps us to find harmony and gain access to the Universal Life-Force Energy, which is an infinite source for healing.

Take our Reiki and crystal healing course to uncover your potentials. Join a community of energy healing practitioners where you can share your story and journey with people who can actually relate to your experiences. Gain an understanding of how and why signing up for Reiki and crystal healing course is a great decision. Grow in confidence and experience a magical journey in the world of energy healing.

Carla is a Reiki & Crystal Healing Master Teacher and Practitioner of NLP, Life & Success Coaching, EFT, and Time Hypnosis. She is a certified Trainer and practitioner and teaches Reiki and Crystal healing following the standard of the C.R.A.

The good thing about our Reiki and crystal healing course is that you have a trainer that is invested and interested in your journey just as much as you. Aside from taking you through a comprehensive curriculum, Carla offers mentorship for her students every step of the way.  You are never alone. You have a mentor and a vibrant, supportive, and loving community.

Register with Carla for your Reiki and Crystal healing course now to earn an accredited certification.

If you have questions about our course or anything about Reiki and crystal healing, do not hesitate to contact us.

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