Tension and Trauma Release Exercise


Past trauma has more of an impact on your mental, emotional, and physical health than you might realize.


The day-to-day stress and chaos of life take a greater toll on your body than most of us know.  Bit by bit it builds up, almost unnoticeable until we wake up one day and realize we’ve been dealing with anxiety and/or depression for years!  This happens because our bodies hold onto the tension and trauma from daily life unless we actively release it.


Our tension and trauma release exercises (TRE) consist of multiple exercises that are simple, but extremely medicinal and effective for releasing tension and trauma.


TRE is essentially triggering the quivering reflex in the body, shaking the muscles.  Beginning in the legs and moving upward, TRE produces a natural and holistic calming effect for your nervous system, increase balance and alignment, and returns your body to an unhindered and free state.

Benefits of TRE

✓ Healing of Old Injuries

✓ Reduced Muscle & Back Pain

✓ Increased Flexibility

✓ Decreases Symptoms of Vicarious Trauma

✓ Emotional resiliency

✓ Lessened anxiety and worry

✓ Reduced symptoms of PTSD

✓ Improved relationships