Quantum Healing Circle

So you want to have the tools you need to start your healing journey with a community of like-minded seekers?

Are you ready to be done with chronic stress, anxiety, and depression?

I’m Carla Fernandes, I’ve been where you are now, and I want to personally help you free yourself from limiting beliefs and negative emotions.

Stop and read this before going any further …

Imagine, this:

  • Having just the right technique to help you feel calm when you begin to feel that panicky, anxious feeling
  • That moment when you realize you no longer feel sad or hopeless – you actually feel happy, grateful, and content
  • Knowing with certainty that you’re exactly where you need to be in life and that all the pieces are falling into place for you
  • Looking back from your growth and success and seeing how the only thing holding you back was just a few limiting beliefs
  • Letting go of self-judgment and finally seeing your experience from a wider, wiser perspective
  • Savoring every experience of your day and feeling profound gratitude for the love and support all around you

Oh, and sharing these experiences with a community of people just like you!!

Look, we know that you’ve started your journey by reading all the books you can get your hands on and listening to every podcast you can find. 

But, up until this point, you haven’t been seeing the results you’re desperately craving.

Want to know why?

The reason you have not been able to heal yourself is because:

  • You likely need to apply more than one healing modality at a time
  • You must be totally intentional, consistent, and committed to your healing (even when you’re frustrated because you feel like nothing is happening)
  • You’re lacking a community – you can’t do this alone!

I’m not going to lie:

Overcoming your chronic anxiety and depression isn’t easy – it takes commitment, consistency, and dedication from you, and it’s important you’re using the right modalities to heal yourself.

But here’s the deal:

  • Ignoring your symptoms won’t make them evaporate overnight
  • It’s likely that you’re dealing with some rather deep wounds you need to heal
  • You cannot possibly see your own self-imposed limitations (no one can!)
  • Doing this alone is going to take you much longer than if you were part of a community

Ready to finally heal yourself so you can connect with the
deepest part of your soul, take back your power, and live your purpose?

The Quantum
Healing Circle

The Quantum Healing Circle is a monthly self-coaching membership designed to help guide you through all the right healing modalities so you can release limiting beliefs and behaviors and finally, live your purpose.

A program for purpose-seekers who want to heal the trauma that causes anxiety and depression while sharing the journey with like-minded people.

This is not talk therapy.

Don’t get me wrong, working with a therapist has its place.

But what we’re doing in The Quantum Healing Circle goes way beyond what you can expect from weekly, 45-minute traditional talk therapy sessions.

As a member of
The Quantum Healing Circle,
you can expect to:

  • Reduce your feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Boost your emotional and physical energy
  • Overcome limiting beliefs that hold you back

Within The Quantum Healing Circle Membership, we use a variety of healing modalities to guide you through your self-healing journey, including:


Available to all membership tiers

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) helps balance the energy in your body where it can become blocked or built up. The unblocking of this energy can give you a sense of profound relaxation, which can reduce stress and physical pain, boost your energy, and improve sleep quality.


Available to all membership tiers

Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) are somatic practices used to relieve stress and tension. This modality was created by Dr. David Berceli after observing an involuntary physical reaction naturally designed to quiet the brain and release muscle tension.

Guided Meditation

Available to all membership tiers

Our Guided Meditations are recorded and distributed twice per month to help you increase your awareness around limiting beliefs and negative emotions. Listen to these calming meditations to help you gain perspective and reduce stress.

Journal Prompts

Available to all membership tiers

Journaling is a wonderful tool to help bring your innermost thoughts to the surface of your consciousness so that you can more easily heal deep trauma. Each week you will receive a journaling prompt specifically designed to help you move forward in your healing journey.

Group Hypnosis

Available to Platinum and Diamond Tiers

Hypnosis can bring about positive and lasting change by reprogramming your subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy can help free you from negative thoughts, addiction, anxiety, pain and so much more.

Group Coaching

Available only to Diamond Tiers

The intention of the group coaching for The Quantum Healing Circle is to help bring you into alignment with your highest self and true purpose.

Private Coaching

Available only to Diamond Tiers

The intention with private coaching for The Quantum Healing Circle is to help you fast-track your path to healing from trauma and reversing limiting beliefs. Work with me 1:1 and I can help you create custom strategies for the specific challenges you face.

Here's what others say

Hello, I’m Carla!

If you met me [XX] years ago, you might have believed I was a successful Investment advisor who had everything going for her.

And, on the outside, that was true …

But on the inside, I was suffering from severe burnout, high levels of stress, and more anxiety than I knew what to do with. My personal relationships were not going well and – honestly – I just felt like I was suffocating in my own life.

I knew there had to be an antidote to feeling this way, so I began my self-healing journey with a bit of Reiki – and I was amazed at how something so simple could help me find such balance and peace. I laughed more, I was physically healthier, and I no longer had a sense of constant, nagging tension.

Because my transformation was so profound, I realized I wanted to help others who struggled with the same problems, and so I started obtaining my Reiki Master certification, as well as certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Life and Success Coaching, EFT, Clinical Hypnosis and Crystal Healing.

I created my group membership, The Quantum Healing Circle because I understand that emotional healing and transformation is a JOURNEY. Much like travel, 1.) everyone goes at a different pace and 2.) the journey is much more enjoyable with others.

If you’re ready to get started, choose your membership level below to begin your healing journey.

Still on the fence? 

I completely understand. Because of this, I’ve created The Quantum Healing Circle to be 100% risk-free.

It’s a monthly membership – so if you find that it just isn’t for you, cancel at any time.

However, I strongly recommend you consider committing for at least six months to see significant benefits. 

Remember, healing takes time, commitment, and consistency.

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