5 Ways To Shift Your Mindset

Are you striving towards change but struggle to shift your negative mindset? Well, the good news is that you are not alone. According to 7 Mindsets, 92% of people don’t achieve the goals and resolutions that they set for themselves at the start of each year. With such high numbers, there must be a common reason why this reoccurs every singly year. 

So, what prevents the average person from reaching their goals throughout the year?

Some people are terrified that they will fail or, worse yet, that they will succeed. As a result, they don’t even try to achieve a goal. Such people have little faith in themselves and their abilities. In many cases, failing to achieve goals or maintain resolutions is purely due to a negative mindset. In order to create change, you must also shift your attitudes to align with those particular goals and ambitions.

So, how can I shift my mindset? 

  1. Understand why you are making this change.

It takes effort to change your mentality because many established habits are difficult to break. The reason for this is that many of our most damaging behaviours and mindsets were formed as children, and we’ve continued to do things the same way ever since. 

Understanding why you are making this change will make it easier to shift your mindset. Once you identify the future benefits, you can begin to focus on that one goal. Finding something that has the potential to make a significant difference in your life, will be the easiest way to change your old habits and negative attitudes.

  1. Learn to meditate 

Learning how to meditate is a great technique to improve your thinking and welcome change into your life. Books like The Miracle Of Mindfulness and Words Can Change Your Brain may help you to ‘work out’ your thinking patterns. This will eventually assist you in shifting your mentality without much difficulty.

  1. Use positive words

Fortunately, cultivating a positive mindset may be as simple as being more thoughtful with the words you use in your daily life. In a nutshell, words have the power to alter your perspective. Researchers Andrew Newberg, M.D., and Mark Robert Waldman have demonstrated that words have the ability to literally transform your brain. For example, try to replace the negative expressions “I can’t”, “I’m not” and “I won’t” with positive phrases such as “I am”. By eliminating the negative words, you are already one step closer to achieving a more optimistic mindset. 

  1. Create positive surroundings with supportive people

A negative social circle will only serve to amplify those negative thoughts. When you surround yourself with positive people, it becomes easier to stay optimistic about the future and focus on your weekly or long-term goals. You’ll also feel much more inspired when you spend time with these people. Try to look for friends who share the same values as you. Join communities and attend networking or social events centered on personal development. It will then become easier to connect with more positive people as your own mind begins to alter. Why not join the Quantum Healing Tribe if you want to get involved in a super positive community? 

  1. Practice Gratitude

Even in the face of adversity, gratitude has been demonstrated to reduce stress, increase self-esteem, and develop a more positive mindset. Consider the people, moments, or things that provide you joy or comfort, and try to express your thanks at least once a day. This could be thanking your partner for helping you to make dinner, a colleague for their support, or even your pet animal for their unconditional affection. Once you become grateful for your surroundings and lifestyle, your mindset will subconsciously become a lot more optimistic.

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