Welcome Spring & New Beginnings (spiritual/Metaphysical meaning of spring)

Spring into Growth!

On Monday, March 20 2023, the Northern Hemisphere will welcome the arrival of spring. This brings around longer days, warmer weather and beautifully bloomed flowers.

After a long winter, many of us are now ready to open up our windows and let in a breath of fresh air. Having spent a lot of time indoors, I think it’s safe to say that we have missed warm walks in the park, spontaneous trips to the beach and simply just sitting in the garden.

As well as all the obvious changes in nature, you may also feel an increase in bright and creative energy. Early mornings won’t feel so groggy, and being productive won’t seem like such a big challenge.

With the arrival of the new season, your mood may also become more stable, as you once again feel balanced and energized.

Keep reading as we reveal the metaphysical meaning of spring…

The Start of Spring Represents New Beginnings

At Awaken Harmony, we believe that spring is all about new beginnings and transformations. After a long winter filled with miserable weather and dark days, the start of a new (and hopefully warmer) season is the perfect representation of a ‘fresh start’.

Having experienced months of cold temperatures that perhaps triggered symptoms of winter blues, spring can without a doubt, re-awaken our spirits.

Not only will you start to see the flowers bloom and leaves grow, but you may find yourself waking up with a completely new attitude and perspective on life.

Features of Spring Can Indicate Creativity

In comparison to the dark and gloomy January, there’s no denying that the season of spring is super easy on the eyes. From pastel-colored flowers to gorgeous greenery, the months of March and April can be sure to reignite your creativity.

And in case you didn’t know – connecting with nature has a huge impact on some of the world’s best creatives. As the body & mind benefits from fresh air and increased sunshine, you can expect your creativity to soar to new heights.

Spring Illustrates the Impact of Positivity

Spring is also thought to be a more “positive” season, sparking feelings of optimism for the months ahead.

The increased daylight and warmer temperatures encourage hormonal changes that help to boost our mood and energy levels, making it the perfect time to focus on “positive thinking”.

British moral philosopher Sir Bernard Williams once said “The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring”. This quote beautifully highlights the positive connotations associated with this uplifting season.

Spring Shows that Change Can be a Good Thing

We are often resistant to change, despite the positive impacts that this can often bring. Because of the many changes taking place all around us, Spring is often viewed as nature’s way of encouraging us to start new endeavours.

Just like the transformation in nature, change in our personal lives can make the world seem more exciting, leading to new opportunities and experiences.

Spring Is a Time to Plant Seeds that Can Later be Harvested

Lastly, we must address that spring brings powerful growth energy. This is the perfect season to become clear about the things you want to grow and harvest in your life. Just like the flowers in our gardens, if we plant something in the proper conditions, we can reap something even bigger. In other words, what starts as a small seed, can soon turn into something amazing.

There’s no denying that the world awakens in springtime. The new sights, sounds and smells are all a beautiful representation of how this season is a fresh start for everyone. What was once dull and bare is now filled with light and colors, showing the people of the world that change is in fact, beautiful.

Ready to make a change in the new season? Then why not check out Awakened Spirit? This might just be the seed you need to plant for a life-changing transformation.

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