What limiting beliefs are holding you back in life

How often do we abandon a plan, a goal, or a dream because we tell ourselves we can’t, it won’t work, or we’re aiming too high?  How often does a limiting belief or idea prevent us from pursuing a new professional path, a new interest, a new relationship, a new way of life, or a new adventure?  We tell our friends how fantastic it would be to have this, do that, and live there; we go on and on about what we would rather be doing with our life, but we never do. 

Why? What happens right after that phase of dreaming, imagining, and fantasizing? What kills it for us? Why don’t we step into action?

Our limiting beliefs begin to flow in, offering us all sorts of reasons why we can’t do anything. These thoughts are accompanied by constant self-doubt and questions such as “What will the world think of me?” What if I don’t succeed? Who am I to do such a thing? What makes me so deserving of a happy life? What if I’m turned down?” These limiting beliefs typically come in three kinds:

  1. Limiting beliefs about yourself that make you feel like you can’t do something because something is inherently wrong with you.
  2. Limiting beliefs about the world that make you feel like you can’t do something because no one will let you.
  3. Limiting beliefs about life that make you feel like you can’t do something because it’s too difficult.

Let’s go over the major limiting beliefs that hold us back from living our true potential and creating a life that we truly desire. 

1.     I am not worthy or deserving

“I am not worthy or deserving of love, happiness, money, respect, attention, a good life, peace, freedom, a promotion, having a fulfilling career, friends, health, a caring spouse, etc.”

What are the dues you pay to belong? You don’t take advantage of opportunities because you don’t believe you’re good or smart enough. When you achieve success, such as earning a high-paying job performing work you enjoy, you may feel like an impostor.

It’s a self-destructive way of life.

You can’t notice your own strengths because you feel undeserved and worthless. You don’t give yourself credit for your abilities, and you may not even be aware of them. Your low self-esteem holds you back.

2.     I am not loveable

Faulty perceptions, such as believing that love is based on success or fortune, or that your appearance does not meet the standard, can cause you to believe that no one will ever love you.

Because of your limiting idea, you not only dread but also expect rejection. And, guess what? You get what you expect.

3.     I am not enough

Limiting beliefs like I am not good enough, smart enough, capable enough, powerful enough, young enough, beautiful enough, wealthy enough, creative enough, confident enough, or any other adjective you can think of.

This belief is a major limitation because when we don’t believe we are enough, we are never satisfied with ourselves and can never forgive ourselves for our mistakes and failures.  

We then aspire to be more perfect, and when we fall short of this ideal, we punish ourselves. This vicious loop undermines our self-esteem and keeps us feeling small, helpless, and unsatisfied.

4.     It’s too late to change

When life throws you a curve, anxiety and despair can make it difficult to perceive the positive aspects of the circumstance, now or in the future. However, giving up hope will keep you stuck.

We sometimes establish unrealistic ambitions for ourselves. “By the time I’m 35, I’ll have a rewarding career, a partner, and two children.” Setting a schedule might trap you. Believing that it is too late to change hinders you from seeking solutions. Hopelessness prevents you from reaching your full potential.

You are not limited by your age. Your belief that it is too late to follow your ambition is what inhibits you.

You must act now if you want to change. Begin with small steps. Believe in your ability to achieve your goal. Then you’re free to go after it.

5.     I can’t pursue my dreams because I might fail

We all fail at some point in our lives. We fall a lot as toddlers before we start to walk. But we get back up and try again, and soon we’re walking.

Early experiences may trap you in a fear-of-failure mindset. You are resistant to trying new things. Ironically, not trying makes you feel even more incapable and inadequate than trying and failing.

We learn through making mistakes. Failure is less painful when you concentrate on how to do better the next time. Real failure is giving up on your dreams. 

What can we do about these nasty limiting beliefs that rule our lives?

Here are 3 powerful steps to identify and overcome your limiting beliefs:

  1. Recognize the pattern: Pay attention to recurring thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that hinder your growth.
  2. Challenge the beliefs: Ask yourself if these beliefs are based on facts or simply old, unhelpful narratives.
  3. Replace with empowering beliefs: Create new, supportive beliefs that align with your goals and aspirations.

You can find experiences to support practically any belief, but the key is to be aware  of the beliefs you are constructing. Change your beliefs if they do not empower you. Will your beliefs cause you to cease taking action toward the outcomes you desire in life? Or will you transform them into the ultimate opportunity to create something extraordinary—whether it’s a shift in yourself, your job, or your life?

Start your journey today, and remember: your potential is limitless!

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